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IMC is a full service Sales and Marketing agency, with our core focuses being the creative and innovative brand solutions on the digital landscape and our vast experience with on-the-ground consumer engagement. We combine strategy, creativity and organization under one roof to deliver top quality work.

Our hard work puts us on the map, and our commitment to creative innovation keeps us there. Not only are we a nimble team of qualified personnel, we guarantee positive game changing results with our creative and strategic solutions to smarter marketing.

    Our hard work puts us on the map, and our commitment to creative innovation keeps us there.
We use our knowledge and expertise
to take your business to the next level

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Market forces that change with neck-breaking speed. Economic uncertainty that looms over every decision. Lack of internal bandwidth and missing expertise. Cost pressures. Competition. Technology. Mergers. Acquisitions. New players. New brands. New products. New opportunities.

Whatever the reason, the B2B landscape has changed dramatically. It’s time for a new way to run the marketing operations of your business. One that’s strategic. Tech-savvy. Efficient. Results-driven. Turnkey. Proven. We start with the big picture to ensure that all of your promotional efforts are closely integrated – because if your marketing efforts aren’t working together, they’re working against you.

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igs :: General Trade
:: Modern Trade
:: Horeca
igs :: Outlet surveys, Digital Mapping, Consumer surveys
  Build On Success
We research, create and implement Sales and
Marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs
We listen
We take the time to fully understand your business;
our team will work with you from concept to completion.
  Sales, Negotiation, Public
Speaking & Presentation skills


  In the current market scenario, the only way to success is through
persuasion. However, this act of cannot be won through force of will
but by the power of speech. A successful salesperson will exactly know
how to play the right cards to influence their customers read more>>

Why Partner With Us?

Not only do we come in as vendors, we strive to partner with you to enable you to penetrate the market
successfully by providing effective and efficient networks acquired from years of expertise in sales.

We mitigate the way for new foreign clientele who don’t have sufficient knowledge
of the local market, to infiltrate into the market successfully.

Over the years, we have developed a robust relationship with various stakeholders in the market
that are essential to any business. We can get your product on or off the shelf with proficiency.

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